What is it ?


GEOCORAIL is a “natural rock” with a distinctive feature : it is exclusively  made from the mineral salts and sediments naturally present in the marine ecosystem.

Manufactured in situ using the electrolysis process, this 100% natural rock conglomerate with remarkable physical properties is a complementary and alternative solution to the construction and repair of traditional maritime and port structures.  

Easy to implement, it enables project owners to ensure the long-term viability of their maritime and port structures, while minimizing their environmental impact and optimizing their construction budgets over the long term.





A conductive “cathode” armature is positioned where GEOCORAIL is to be produced. It is connected to a power generator. An anode, also connected to the generator, completes the circuit, with seawater as the electrolyte. By injecting a very low-voltage direct current into the device, an electrochemical reaction is created near the cathode, resulting in the precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions. A calcium-magnesium deposit then forms on the cathode. This paste-like deposit is similar to the cement principle in traditional concrete. When it comes into contact with surrounding sediment and shell debris, a rocky concretion forms on the cathode structure. 

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