Who are we ?

Seacure, by its former name Geocorail, was created in 2012 but its history goes back long before that.


1st experiment Geocorail Belle-Île-en-Mer (56)


The process developed by the company is based on a discovery made by the company’s founders, experts in active cathodic protection in the 1980s. Following an error in positioning the anode of a cathodic protection device at the landing of the electric cable supplying Belle-Île-en-Mer, they discovered that current cycling could lead to the formation of a rocky aggregate at the cathode.

After conducting a few experiments on the side of their professional occupations, the founders were able to devote more time to studying the phenomenon once they retired. They thus created a dedicated association in the early 2000s, and were able to show promising results to investors. GEOCORAIL is the result of this encounter.

Research and process development

The construction of a laboratory / test bench based near Marseilles, with the support of the site operator, FLUXEL has enabled us to have around fifty experimental electrolytic tanks supplied with seawater, as well as an open-water test area.

The first tests carried out in this laboratory confirmed the sensitivity of the process to certain fundamental parameters. Assisted by an expert, we were able to carry out a large number of experiments. These were launched in mid-2017, and produced results at 6, 9 and 12 months. Several articles have been published about this research. The company kept control of the process and the results and we have been able to remove the uncertainty concerning the robustness of the process.

All developments are protected by the extension of existing international patents and the regular filing of new patents ensures that our customers and partners benefits from our technological lead.

Our team


    Research & Development

    • Fondamental research :

      • Laboratory in Marseille's port,

      • Scientific partnership with the University of La Rochelle – LaSIE laboratory.

      • Past and current theses

      • Innovation partnership with CEREMA

    • Development of new solutions

      • Industrial and scientific partnerships with major players in their fields (textiles, gabions, etc.)

      • Call for Projects

          GEOCAPORT: capture of polluted sediments

          BLIREM: polarizable geotextile for reinforced breakwaters

          FIRCAP: Prefabrication of technical solutions such as gabions or artificial reefs using shellfish waste

          La Rochelle Territory Zero Carbon: construction of a gabion embankment containing 60kg stones to replace 1T to 3T blocks - Design and scientific supervision by Cerema & the University of La Rochelle - LaSIE laboratory


    Pilot's conception

    • Designing innovative solutions to replace traditional structures

    • R&D, technical and sales departments work together to find the best solutions to customer problems



    • Our in-house design office takes charge of the electro-chemical design of our solutions, to ensure that they operate smoothly and under optimum conditions.

    • In association with partner design offices, we offer efficient solutions at least equal in performance if not superior to traditional methods



    • The integration of a submarine work company in 2019 will enable us to carry out our projects around our branches.

    • For projects further away, we provide on-site supervision by one or more of our engineers.

    • Our aim is to get local players to collaborate as much as possible in order to raise their awareness of our approach.


    Supervision / Maintenance

    • All our installations are monitored and controlled remotely

    • All equipment is connected and communicates in real time

    • We are fully able to know the status of every project, to take control remotely in order to change the settings or schedule an intervention if necessary

    • Depending on the specific needs of certain projects, inspection or maintenance operations can be planned and carried out in-house by our professional divers


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